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The Honeycrisp apple was produced from a 1960 cross of Macoun and Honeygold, as part of the University of Minnesota apple breeding program.

 Macoun Macoun: originated in Trenton, Ontario, the fruit is similar to McIntosh, but smaller; more ribbed and develops a black red color at maturity; flesh white, richly flavored, aromatic; high dessert quality; ripens one month after McIntosh. This east coast favorite is small to medium-size and wine red in color. It's crisp, juicy and sweetly tart. The Macoun is considered an all-purpose apple, but is especially good for eating out of hand. Macoun apples make a perfect dessert choice, bursting with extra sweet, aromatic flavor
 Honeygold Honeygold: a cross between a Golden Delicious and Haralson giving it the flavor and characteristics of a Golden, but hardier. It is good for eating as well as for cooking, with a medium storage life. It ripens around the middle of October and blooms mid-season for approximately 1 to 2 weeks. Honeygold have medium to large golden to greenish fruit with very smooth finish and reddish bronze blush. The flavor is sweeter and more bland than Golden Delicious.

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